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Work From Home Malaysia – New Program Launched

Work From Home Malaysia is proud to introduce the Future of Our Industry – “Close 2 You – Life and Business Transformation Program”.

This is an awesome program created by 3 experienced entrepreneurs:Work From Home Malaysia & Close 2 You

Terence Chan;

Paulo Fradiano;

Vanessa Tee.

As part of Work From Home Malaysia efforts to bring effective solutions to the market, this Program was designed thinking about the young generation of Malaysia.

Often lost, with no direction, no savings, frustrated with their boring, low pay job but powered with a strong desire to thrive; this layer of our society represents the future and the next batch of successful Work From Home Malaysia entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, the lack of a Program that truly fully supports their growth from darkness to light is not helping at all the young generation of Work From Home Malaysia Entrepreneurs to succeed.

To fulfill that gap, Work From Home Malaysia Team, together with Terence Chan and Vanessa Tee from Close 2 You Center, formed an Joint Venture and designed the “Life and Business Transformation Program”.

The results are more than amazing as we support any person with true desire and commitment from the first baby steps to walking tall in life and business arenas.

We are extremely excited with the future. Until now, this Program was never shown to outside world. But as Work From Home Malaysia Team commitment to make a serious impact in the work at home arena, we decided to make it public…today!

So, most probably, if you are reading these lines, you are one of the first to ever see it going public.

Work From Home Malaysia Team and Close 2 You are committed to bring mentorship and guidance at many levels. Among many other things, these are some of the values offered in our Program:

Business Building Program;Work From Home Malaysia - Close 2 You Program

Walk, Act and Think Like A Millionaire;

Leadership Skills Development;

Money Management Skills;

Personal Growth Mentorship and School;

Team Work;

Full Support (no one stays behind);

Family environment;

Tons of FUN & Friends!!

All steps are extremely easy to follow as Work From Home Malaysia Team and Close 2 You Partners made a stand to design a Program that can be used by a total beginner as well as an experienced entrepreneur.

The official page for the Program as a “uncut” video, extremely realistic as was recorded on the day-by-day with a walking cheap camera. Work From Home Malaysia advise you to invest around 18 minutes of your time and check it out at “Work From Home Malaysia & Close 2 You Program”.

And please, Work From Home Malaysia Team asks you to share it out loud to all this young generation desperately looking for a way out! You can do it right here…

Hope to see you soon and wish you a wonderful day!

Work From Home Malaysia | Paulo Fradiano - Coach And Founder


Paulo Fradiano – Work From Home Malaysia Founder and Close 2 You Partner


PS: If You are really serious, maybe you wanna get in touch with us asap. Check Work From Home Malaysia Team Here

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