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I Want To Start A Home Business, But I Hate MLM!

Start a Home Business it’s a very important step towards financial freedom and self control of one’s life.

Nevertheless, not everything is a bed of roses.

The biggest challenge that people face is the lack of Business Education and experience on “how to be on your own”.Start A Home Business - Business Education

If you never did it before, what can you possibly know about start a Home Business and run it successfully? Not much, trust me.

Like everything else in life, there is a learning curve that needs to be accomplished before true success can be achieved after you start a Home Business.


Many People Start A Home Business But They End Up Quitting In A Short Time. Why?

They end up defeated by what I believe to be the biggest enemy of a brand new Home Business Owner; Impatience!

Yes, Impatience.

It’s the lack of patience to through the Learning Curve.

In one of my previous articles, entitled “Work From Home Business – 10 Steps For Success“, I mention that one of the most important qualities / skills we need to cultivate for success in a Home Business is Patience.

And this brings us to the headline of this article: “I want to start a home business, but I hate MLM”.

Honestly, people do not truly hate MLM. They hate the “idea they have” of what MLM really is.


Let Me Ask You 3 Questions:

#1 – Do you really know what MLM is? (For me it stands for “Make Lots Of Money”:) !)

#2 – Do you know many other business concepts that you can use to start a Home Business?

#3 – Did you ever allow yourself to go through the learning curve of a serious MLM (Network Marketing) company until the day that you really understand it?

Most probably the answer for these 3 questions will be a big fat “NO”. Of course not!

I personally started and managed more than 6 traditional businesses. From Fitness Centers, to Sports Equipment Outlet and Beauty Saloon, I did it all. Trust me…that’s hard.

Start A Home Business - Work From Home Malaysia - 3 QuestionsIt’s hard to survive in a market that on a daily basis is just waiting for you to drop off, so that someone else can take your place in the “Customer land”.

When you start a Home Business, the story is totally different. People WANT you to Succeed; WANT you to thrive, SUPPORT you all the way and SHARE with you their best kept secrets; even those who profit nothing from you. Why?

Because after you start a Home Business your Team it’s like a family; a close community. If one thrives, everybody benefits from it.

Each individual success fuels the overall success of the Work From Home Business industry, inspire people to start a Home Business and leverage the opportunity for all individuals involved.


Let Me Share A Secret With You From Someone With Many Years Of Experience:

“MLM is wonderful! Trust me.”

What you hate is the standardized idea that MLM is just pushing your friends and give flyers on the street.Start A Home Business - Wrok From Home Malaysia You don’t need to do that to start a Home Business and thrive!

So let me tell you, people that think that way also do MLM…they “Make a Lousy Mistake” by prejudging an industry they don’t understand.

Network Marketing, aka MLM, it’s the easiest and for many the only way I know to get out of the “rat race” of a “going nowhere” job career and start a Home Business where they can have support, Business Education and an helping hand along the way.

The sky will be the limit, if you really want to make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you love.

So, moral of the story…do not hate MLM! Love MLM! Start a Home Business today if possible.

Stay until you really understand it. Grow your skills and help us to enlighten this world with a better chance for everybody.

If you really appreciate what you just read, please help us to spread the message. Many people are confused out there. The feel the urge to start a Home Business but still fear rejection from society. You can do it here:

And that’s all for today! Please do leave your comments below. I personally thank you in advance.

To Your success!

Work From Home Malaysia | Paulo Fradiano - Coach And Founder

Paulo Fradiano – Founder of Work From Home Malaysia

PS: If you are lost, needing an helping hand and a trustworthy environment to thrive and change your life, take a look at what we do and maybe we can work together. Check us out at Start A Home Business With Work From Home Malaysia Team

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